intention | grounding and protection

intention | grounding and protection

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Intention :: Grounding and Protection

What does grounding mean? Well, let’s think about a grounding wire. It gives an electrical appliance a safe way to discharge excess electricity. So, for us humans, grounding reconnects us to the earth, and research has shown that physical contact between humans and the earth has remarkably beneficial healthy results. We receive energy from Mother Earth by connecting directly to the soil, which calms all our over-active systems. I know we all can’t walk around in our barefeet, and where do we find soil and sand in Canada in the winter??? But we have options. Let’s get out of our thoughts and into our bodies by doing grounding activities. Think about anything that uses your five senses – being in water, feeling your rug with your feet and toes, smelling a lavender candle, or having a massive tickle fight.

Wearing hematite grounds us and repels negative energy allowing us to feel protected and safe. Its balancing effects are triple-action - working on our mind, body and soul. Black obsidian acts like a mirror – reflects light into negative thoughts, and helps you see yourself as you truly are. Tiger’s eye reminds us it’s ok to harness our inner tiger spirit – let go of fear, stand tall and be courageous.  

Gemstones: hematite, black obsidian, tiger's eye


I am safe.

I am not afraid of what could go wrong.


Bracelets are made with 8mm superior quality natural gemstone beads. The clear crystal quartz bead is 10mm. All gemstones are unique and may vary slightly. Each bracelet is made with love and care.