Our Story



March 2021,


This is our story. 


My name is Susan. I wear different hats in my life, but the biggest and most important title I have is Mom. I have 2 daughters, Ruby and Lyla, ages 11 and 9. My husband, John, and these two small humans are my everything.


I am a Registered Nurse. I work in the recovery room at one of the bigger hospitals here in the GTA. My background is in the emergency room. I have seen what western medicine can do for people, and it is nothing short of miraculous at what we can accomplish. I'm also a Reiki practitioner. Reiki, meditation, exercise and healthy nutrition are integral to my well-being, nurturing my mind, body and soul. My life is a beautiful combination of east and west.

My eldest daughter, Ruby, loves creative projects. She is the inspiration and driving force behind Gems 4 Fems. She loves making things and working with her hands, and during this past year, we discovered that we really like making bracelets together. Our house was quickly becoming filled with wayyyy too many bracelets. So, we decided to do something about this. Let's make more! And we're donating a quarter of our proceeds to a local girls empowerment program. Give to receive. Sharing is caring. It takes a village.  

We love to hear feedback and welcome questions. Thank you for reading.  

Let your soul grow.  


January, 2022 

Ok, so here we are. Almost a year after this was first written. Covid is still a presence in our lives - giving us the opportunity on a daily basis to practice feeling all the feels - anger, frustration, loss of control, but also gives us time and space to practice patience and gratitude. 

Since I last wrote, my younger daughter, Lyla, has joined Gems 4 Fems as a partner. Lyla has particular strength in finances and organization. We did our first craft show in November and we loved it! We walked away from our booth feeling tired, happy and motivated. Our kitchen table continues to be our business center, but we've expanded into the living room for candle production. 

This year, we plan to add in gemstone keychains, add a line of bracelets, and continue to improve on our candles. We hope to make a presence at some more shows too! So, keep an eye out for us! 

I also added Reiki sessions to our list products and services. Reiki, meditation, and personal growth is a big part of my life. Check out my Reiki story to understand why I chose this path.

Wishing you only the best this year! 


Want to connect with us? Send us a message and Ruby will happily reply.