purple | crown chakra

purple | crown chakra

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 Amethyst :: Stone of Harmony

Amethyst: a powerful and protective stone. Connects body, mind, and soul. Converts negative energy into love. Soothes irritability. Balances moods. Aids with overindulgence. Encourages sleep and sweet dreams.  Heightens spiritual awareness, transformation, inner peace, and selflessness. Helps you connect with your best self.

De-clutter your mind. De-clutter your space. Get rid of those negative thought patterns and those old shoes you’ll never wear again. And spend some time in the sunlight. Get out for a walk or open up those curtains and let the sun shine in. Let your soul grow.


I am love and light.

I cherish my spirit.

I embrace life.

Bracelets are made with 8mm superior quality natural gemstone beads. The clear crystal quartz bead is 10mm. All gemstones are unique and may vary slightly. Each bracelet is made with love and care.