orange | sacral chakra

orange | sacral chakra

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Carnelian :: The Stone of Action

Anchors you in the present. 

Carnelian: helps restore lost vitality and motivation, improves concentration, enhances endurance, leadership and courage, anxiety-reducer, promotes positive life choices, calms anger and replaces it with love of life (and who doesn’t want more of that?)

 Are you painfully shy? Indecisive? Sluggish and lazy? Feeling a little numb – or having mood swings? Poor boundaries – do you say yes to everyone? Carnelian has the effect of stabilizing, restoring, and focusing and giving you a self-esteem kick too!


My creative juices are flowin’.

I work with ease and flow.

Bracelets are made with 8mm superior quality natural gemstone beads. The clear crystal quartz bead is 10mm. All gemstones are unique and may vary slightly. Each bracelet is made with love and care.