blue | throat chakra

blue | throat chakra

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Blue Turquoise :: Stone of Communication

Speak your truth.

Stabilized blue turquoise: silences the inner critic, calms the soul, deeply connects you to your breath; allows for serenity and peace, truth seeker, helps you find freedom to lovingly speak your mind and feel your feels without judgement from you or others; stone of purification and self-expression, allows the soul to express itself

Think and feel flow. Blue ocean. Water. Drink lots of water. And prepare for your dinner table battles, so your voice gets heard.


I express myself freely and joyously.

I show my gratitude towards life.

It’s okay to make noise.

Bracelets are made with 8mm superior quality natural gemstone beads. The clear crystal quartz bead is 10mm. All gemstones are unique and may vary slightly. Each bracelet is made with love and care.